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Our volunteers are vital to the operation of Equine Escape.  They perform many tasks, some of which aren't exactly glamorous but are necessary for Equine Escape to function efficiently.  Their duties range from sidewalking for safety, to mucking stalls and helping feed and get water to our equine friends.  Most of our volunteers are high school students fulfilling their volunteer service hour requirements and we are always looking for new people willing to help out.  We will be looking for people to help with our veteran's program as well.  Adding veteran experience will be crucial to our being able to help the Real American Heroes when they need it most.  Click the link below and send us a message if you are interested in volunteering and not afraid to get your hands dirty at Equine Escape.  Because many of our clients are children and come to us for help with sensitive issues, we must vet every volunteer applicant to ensure the safety and confidentiality of our clients.





Hadleigh and Leah

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